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[22] The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight
[21] Deep Trouble.
[20] Monster Blood:III.
[19] Monster Blood-II.
[18] You cant scare me.
[17] Why i am afraid of bees.
[16] Werewolf of fever swamp.
[15] Return of the mummy.
[14] Attack of the mutant.
[13] The beast from the east.
[12] Welcome to the dead house.
[11] Stay out of the basement.
[10]Monster blood.
[9] Say cheese and die.
[8] Curse of the mummy's tomb.
[7] Night of the living dummy.
[6] The girl wh0 cried monster.
[5] The haunted mask.
[4] Ghost next Door.
[3] One day at Horrorland.
[2] Welcome to camp nightmare.
[1] The horror at camp Jellyjam.
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more new goosebumps!
shouvik sarkar(site owner) on 10/13/2010 at 8:59am (UTC)
 r.l.stine is going to release his new goosebumps book -the horror at chiller house on january 1 2011. this book will be of 160 pages.

[i will give ypou the review to this book as soon as it is launched in the market]
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